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The Devil is in the Details

As much as a good design is about the big things, it’s also about the details. For a design to have harmony, the small things and the main ideas need to line up. This quality is found also in nature; and isn’t that the main idea after all, for a design to mimic nature as much as possible?

While the details may seem to work in opposition to the big ideas, in reality it’s the details that give them legs, and give them breath. The details are what bring the main ideas to life. While often considered opposing forces, the key to success is their coexistence.

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Engineering Services

Complete Product Development

The design process is the journey of an idea, and it’s path to becoming a compelling product. With this in mind, our cooperation on initial brainstorming, first renderings and feasibility studies will pay dividends later. Then, continuing development work with concept and material selection, prototype and testing phases combined with tolerance analyses and DFM&A studies ensures your idea will be efficiently carried through to a finished product.

Feasibility for Startups

You are a startup looking to take your product idea to the next level. Here is the help you need! We can begin with an interview (including NDA) and discussion of your concept. Cost can be agreed up front as a flat rate for feasibility studies, creation of a Product Requirements Document, initial design CAD models, info preparation for investors, plus estimated manufacturing lead-times and costs.

CAD Method Development

The capabilities of Siemens NX parametrics are vast. Therefore, time can be saved during the design process and further down the road by developing unique methods of NX use tailored to your specific needs. High-functioning parametric assemblies and UDF features, developed in cooperation with you are effective in reducing time between design iterations and analysis loops, and remain useful far into the future.

CAD Geometry Modeling

Smart and thoughtful creation of CAD data is imperative to success and project efficiency during the development phase, where re-designs can eat up time if the CAD data is chaotic or unstructured. With over 20 years’ experience using Siemens NX, and keeping your project needs in focus, your CAD data will be created using the most effective manner possible to give you maximum flexibility downstream.

Technical Drawings

Manufacturing drawings are vitally important to the success of your product, as they are the roadmap to its production. With experience creating drawings for the demanding automotive and aerospace industries, in ASME and ISO standards of GD+T, your drawings will be completed with the utmost attention to detail. As a result, easing the transition of your product to the production phase.

Siemens NX training

With 20+ years of professional experience using Siemens NX, and teaching NX skills to both beginners and experts, your training needs are well in hand. Whether your group requires instruction in NX basics, more advanced solid and surfacing techniques, or even UDF creation and usage a course can be designed to suit your needs. Training can be organized for groups of up to 10 people.

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