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The objects and ideas presented on are the work of David Laudermilch. this collection of furniture, lights and interior ideas is a work-in-progress, updated with love and random frequency. some of the furniture here is available for purchase [see below], others are merely furniture or lighting prototypes or projects you can make yourself. the Fetus Lamp is protected by copyright.

if you have any questions about the furniture etc, or would like to place an order please make contact via email or telephone, all emails are answered promptly. prices given include VAT. accepted forms of payment are paypal or bank transfer. process and delivery times for furniture orders vary on an order-to-order basis, but are readily determined. thanks for looking! =)

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from the initial production run, there are only a handful of each Series 3 furniture item remaining for purchase. at this time i have no plans to make more of these pieces. once they are sold, that's it, time to move on!

Series 3 Lounge - €1599
Series 3 Table - €399
Series 3 Stool - €249




printed matte, on high quality paper 150x160cm. this is a collage of hi-res snapshots of the moon, arranged in the shape of...the moon. shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube.

Moon Print - €[coming soon]




this lighting project is something you can make at home yourself, in a weekend. in short, tape together a bunch of ballons in a shape you like. hang from the ceiling, at a height which is easy for you to work, making sure the group of balloons balances nicely. cover the floor under the balloons with a plastic sheet. cut round pieces of rice paper 15-20cm in diameter. now, to cover the group of balloons with the rice paper patches and wallpaper glue; brush the glue on fist, then apply the paper patches, then brush over again, soaking the paper with glue. allow to dry. pop and remove the balloons. *presto*, you have a sweet rice paper cloud lampshade.

--pdf instructions coming sOOn--




i am currently seeking manufacturers for this Lamp, to be produced in two sizes. the original Fetus Lamp prototype is shown in fiberglass and epoxy.

Fetus Lamp 100cm - €1999

Fetus Lamp 40cm - €299




the northern lights furniture collection received alot of attention at the Stockholm furniture fair in Feb 2005. after that, the entire collection was stolen from the Blicfang design show in Zurich Nov 2005, during packing. any info regarding this missing furniture would be greatly appreciated. large cash reward. on a lighter note, these pieces have been highly developed and production can commence immdiately upon request, please email or call for details. =)

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